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PANAMA Geisha Gold


Our Limited Edition Geisha Gold was grown at Finca Lérida in Panama’s Boquete region. Situated in Panama’s highlands, Boquete is nestled into the lush mountains of the Chiriquí Province. Perpetual Spring-like temperatures in Boquete are made possible by the district being protected by the high peak of Volcan Baru and the abundant year-round rainfall. The unique climate of Boquete and the exceptional farming processes of Finca Lérida ensure growing conditions for very high quality coffee.

Finca Lérida has a long and rich history of high quality coffee dating back to 1929 where it exported its first shipment of Panamanian coffee to Germany, beginning Panama’s reputation of producing a great quality exotic coffee throughout Europe.

At an altitude of 1500 – 2000 metres, with the help of the beautifully unique climate conditions, a coffee of such high quality was produced from the spectacular landscape of Finca Lérida, allowing the growth of multiple specialty coffee varietals balanced in fragrance, flavour, acidity and body.

The best known Geisha beans are grown in Panama although the coffee originates from the Gori Gesha forest in Ethiopia. Prominently grown in Ethiopia from the 1930’s, the coffee made its way to Panama in the early 1960’s. The growing conditions in Panama produced a coffee bean with a beautifully complex yet delicate flavour profile, but it wasn’t until 2004 in the “Best of Panama” auction, where it received exceptionally high scoring, that this coffee became one of the most expensive and sought after coffee varietals worldwide.

The Panama Geisha variety is considered the best Geisha coffee in the world, but it isn’t its fame alone that causes its price to be high. Geisha is a difficult plant to cultivate. It requires a certain altitude, is very high maintenance and has to be hand-picked at a perfect time to harvest the beans.

Demand is very high for what some would say is an unrivalled cup and the coffee world is yet to be deterred by the complexities of growing such a bean. Geisha coffee is best prepared by filter and the complexities of its delicate tasting profile would be best experienced not paired with milk or sugar.

Tasting notes of boozy tropical fruits match with savoury butter and floral notes. Heavy body carries winey notes and cocoa nibs to finish.

We are really excited to share this amazing coffee with you.

PANAMA Geisha Gold