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BRAZIL - Sitio Baixadao - FILTER ROAST


Country of Origin: Brazil

Region: Mantiqueria De Minas

Altitude: 1000-1400m ASL

Varietal: Red Acaia

Process: Natural

From a small town in the south of Minas Gerais, the Sebastiao family purchased the Sitio Baixadao farm. The property was originally used for growing rice, which they transformed into a coffee farm in the mid 90s.

This farm now is heralded as one of the most highly rated producers in the region, with its fertile soils and high elevations, it has been known to produce incredible coffee. Their in house natural processing is started on farm utilising the drying patios and natural sunlight, then finished in dryers to guarantee consistency in the final product. 

The farm's dedication to the highest quality of beans is outstanding, with all of the crops being picked by hand, and only the highest quality of beans selected.

Roasted lightly for a Filter, this coffee shows notes of Rock melon and Papaya, with a sticky strawberry and red wine body, it is complex and silky smooth to drink as a drip or pour over.

BRAZIL - Sitio Baixadao - FILTER ROAST