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MAAP//Sixpence 250g Coffee Beans and Musette Bag


Coffee and cycling go hand in hand and we are happy to be part of the MAAP Sixpence Cyclocross team 2022.  

To celebrate our team we have put together a Coffee Bean and MAAP Sixpence Musette bag package, which we are sure will be popular with the coffee lovers and cycling enthusiasts a like. 

The Musette Bag is made with soft cotton canvas fabric, the Musette features our signature logo combining the MAAP and Sixpence brands. Reflective prints  on each side will enhance visibility. A wide shoulder strap to provide maximum comfort and a snap closure to make sure your contents are secured.

We wanted to make sure that with the coffee that there was something for everyone. You can choose between a Single Origin Espresso Roast, Single Origin Filter Roast or a Blend. Once you choose your coffee and grind type our Head Roaster will lovingly select a roast for you. Single Origins are best enjoyed black and Blends are enjoyed paired with milk so you can choose according to your tastes!


MAAP//Sixpence Musette Bag
250g Roaster's Choice Coffee Beans



MAAP//Sixpence 250g Coffee Beans and Musette Bag