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Brew Guides

New to making coffee at home? We have compiled some starting points for you to be able to successfully brew your own favourite Sixpence Coffee.

We have selected our favourite and most popular methods for you to try.

There are some important terms used when describing a brew method. Get to know these and you'll be able to chat coffee with the best of them!

RECIPE: This is an overview of the entire brew process, including all the below terms. This is a quick and easy way in which to communicate or record your favourite process so you can repeat it at any time! An example of how to write an Espresso recipe is: 21g (Dose)/30 sec (Time)/42g (Yield). For other brewing methods such as plunger or a pourover, we would include the temperature in this recipe. 

DOSE: This is the amount of ground coffee you are using. This is always measured in grams

YIELD: This is how much liquid coffee you will end up with. This is measured in either grams (for espresso) or mL

BREW RATIO: This is the ratio of how much dry coffee to finished product you should be aiming for. This ratio changes for each brew method, however you can adjust the DOSE and YIELD to achieve this ratio. It is written as DOSE:YIELD, and said backwards (confusing I know) (EG. 21g : 42g is a 2 to 1 ratio)

TIME: This is how long we are aiming the entire brewing process to happen in. Measured in Seconds

TEMP: This is our optimum brewing temperature. For coffee, we generally try to use water temperatures slightly below boiling point. Different temperatures can affect the way certain coffees brew so play around with this to obtain different characteristics for the same recipe!

Use the links below to choose your own brewing adventure.




And if you are unsure of what beans would suit the brew method, have a browse through the coffee selection in our store or online, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!