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Preheat your plunger with clean, hot water.
Coarsely grind your coffee. ensure your grind is not too fine as this can over extract your coffee, bringing out bitter flavours.
Add the required amount of ground coffee to your (empty) ground coffee. We recommend ~14g per cup (250mL)
Add the required amount of 95 degree C water. Gently stir to mix the grounds, then replace the lid.
Put the lid back on your plunger and allow the coffee to steep for approximately 4 minutes with the metal mesh all the way at the top.
Then gently depress the plunger to separate the grounds out of your brew. Ensure that you don't push this too far down as it can extract unpleasant flavours from the bed of brewed coffee
It’s as easy as that. Your deliciously brew coffee is now ready to pour and enjoy as is or with a splash of milk.
+ If you like your coffee a little stronger, use more coffee or less water.
+ Plunger coffee is incredibly versatile. For the black coffee drinkers we recommend going with a lighter (filter) roast to obtain complexity and brightness in the cup. For those who like a bit of milk, we recommend going with something on the darker end of the spectrum to ensure a more robust flavour profile.