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Pour Over

Pour over Coffee can be made in a number of different apparatus (V60, Chemex, Moccamaster etc), however the process remains very similar the whole way through. Amend your grind size in order to achieve the desired brew time.
This method is a good starting point, however there are many different ways in which to achieve a great result.
Place paper filter into v60 and wet down with hot water to remove any residual paper taste.
Grind your desired amount of coffee in a medium setting. (We recommend a 1:16 brew ratio for a pourover. To work out how much water to use, multiply your coffee weight by 16 (eg. For an 18g dose of coffee, you would need 288g of water).
Place ground coffee into filter.
Using a temperature controlled kettle, we recommend ~95 degrees C. (For a regular kettle allow it to boil and then let stand until water is no longer rolling).
Pour your bloom. This is 2 times the weight of coffee you are using (for 18g dose, 36g water) allow to soak through coffee for at least 30 seconds.
Begin your main pour. We Recommend 100g of water at a time, every 1 minute until desired weight is achieved, with the last pour achieving your final weight.
Discard used filter and coffee into compost (it’s great for the garden!).
Pour brewed coffee into your desired cup and enjoy!