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Sixpence Mixed Box 4 x 250g


The Sixpence Mixed Box is perfect for working out which Sixpence Coffee you like best or perhaps you just love them all... or maybe you want to give someone else the gift of Sixpence Coffee!


This Mixed Box includes 250g of each of our blends as well as 250g of Single Origin selected by our Head Roaster. You select the grind type for the Blends, whether you want an Espresso or Filter Roast for your Single Origin and then the grind type for the Single Origin.


Buying in a pack is a great way to save on our individual priced bags of beansWe love the variety this pack offers and hope you enjoy it too! 


A bit more on what's in the box...


250g of 3741 Blend

Our flagship blend and crowd favourite.

A strong full-bodied cup with mellow acidity offering hints of malt chocolate, toffee and mild citrus. A superb all rounder. Great for any brew type.


250g of Seasonal Blend

A full bodied coffee to inspire vigour. Malt chocolate and caramel hits your palate up front, complimented by a mild citrus acidity that lingers on the taste buds.

Blended origins, Columbia, Brazil, Guatamala  


250g of Cool Kids Blend

A rich and vibrant blend, brimming with notes of chocolate, caramel and cocoa along with a rounded berry sweetness. Fantastic paired with milk.


250g of Single Origin (Roaster's Choice)

We have a number of Single Origins being roasted at any given time. Our Head Roaster will lovingly select a Single Origin to be included in your Sample Box.  

Sixpence Mixed Box 4 x 250g