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UGANDA - Sipi Falls Anaerobic Natural - FILTER ROAST


Country of Origin: Uganda

Region: Mbale District

Altitude: 1300-1900m ASL

Varietal: Typica, SL-14, SL-28

Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Gaining it's name from the iconic Sipi Falls, a series of three waterfalls that lie on the edge of the Mount Elgon National Park in Eastern Uganda, this coffee is a carefully curated combination of Typica, SL-14 and SL-28.

This organically certified coffee has been grown and harvested as part of the Sipi Falls Coffee Project, an enterprise that begun in 1999 with the express goal of improving agricultural process in increase both yield and quality. With over 5000 smallhold producers now involved, this has proven to be an immensely successful scheme, as evidenced by the extremely high quality coffees coming out of this region.

Regular visits by field officers ensure a constant flow of information on organic certification, effects of climate change, internal control systems, water recycling and good agri practices; ensuring the latest is always available to the grower.

This coffee has been grown in the rich volcanic soils found on the Elgon mountain range, in three distinct areas, namely the Mbale, Sironko and Kapchorwa districts, between 1300m in the south and climbing to 1900m in the northern districts. It is then processed naturally with an anaerobic fermentation.

As a result, this give this excellent coffee a heavy, silky body with rich fruity notes of Blueberry, Blackberry and orange. Boozy red wine and rose acidity carries through to a sweet brown sugar finish.

Lovingly roasted by Evan to best suit a filter preparation, this is a very exciting coffee that we're super proud of!

UGANDA - Sipi Falls Anaerobic Natural - FILTER ROAST